About Us

Hessa Energy Solutions LLP provide the best Solar Power Solutions available in the state.

We provide the best solar technologies available in the market for residential and commercial purposes . Our vision is to keep every customer satisfied .

Our Products

on grid solar system

Making power grids smart with energy intelligence creates new opportunities. Learn more about how energy intelligence makes grids and companies fit for the future . Reduce costs . Flexible . Cost efficient .Enable sector coupling . Ensure power quality . Maintain grid stability .


off grid & hybrid solar power

Off Grid Solar Power very useful for Residential and Commercial setups .Hybrid Solar Power acts similar to a UPS system providing a backup power supply during a blackout.

solar water pump

A solar pump is an application of photo voltaic technology which converts solar energy in to electricity to run motor and pump . The motor powered by solar energy  draws water out of borewell , river , lake or pond .



solar water heater

Solar water heater use the sun energy to heat water during the day .  Evacuated Tube Collector and Flat Plate Collectors are two types of Solar Water Heaters.

“Solar-Energy for the future”

  • Cut down on Electric Costs
  • Great Return on Investment
  • Little To No Maintenance
  • Lower Overall Cost Of Installation
  • Gives you Control Of Future Electricity Bills

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